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Each 0.5 kg contains:
Manuramycin 15 gm & Vitamin E 10,000 mg
Vitamin A 10,000,000 IU & VitaminD3 2,000,000 IU
Vitamin B1 1000 mg & Pantothenic Acid 10000 mg
Vitamin B2 5000 mg & Folic Acid 1000 mg
Vitamin B6 1500 mg & Nicotinic Acid 30,000 mg
Vitamin B12 10 mg & Biotin 50 mg
Vitamin K3 1000 mg
Supplemented with calcium carbonate as carrier up to 500 gm
• is a broad-spectrum preventive added to the feed anti-coccidial ionophore
• It has a protective effect on all stages of coccidiosis, ensuring maximum protection for the bird.
• It works to create immunity in the bird that works to repel the disease for long periods.
• High content of vitamins that dissolve in water and fats and thus improves the performance of birds.
• A supportive treatment of coccidiosis increases the performance of birds and increases their resistance to disease.
• It improves digestion and absorption, thus improving the food conversion factor.
• It acts as a catalyst for metabolic processes due to its vitamin B12 content.
• It restores the efficiency of the intestinal wall as a result of bleeding and reduces the rate of bleeding.
Add at a rate of 0.5 kg / ton of feed.
10 - 25 kg

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