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Vit k3 10 gm
Vit B1 5gm
Vit B2 9.5 gm
Vit B6 5 gm
Vit B12 10 mg
Pantothenic acid 10.87 gm
Nicotinic acid 30 gm
Folic acid 1 gm
Choline 20 gm
Dextrose as a carrier up to 1 Kg
• High content of vitamins covering all bird requirements in different ages and production stages. 
• Improve bird productivity and performance.
• Improve bird immunity and resistance against many diseases.
• Preventing bleeding in case of hemorrhagic enteritis as in Coccidiosis, clostridial infections 
• Supportive treatment in case of Gumboro and during sulfonamide treatment.
• For optimum lipids metabolism, preventing liver diseases as fatty liver syndrome (FLS).
• Methyl donor which is very important in metabolism.
• Stimulate liver functions and bile secretion.
1 gm/liter of drinking


1 kg

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