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Bayta Stress C20

Composition: (powder)

(Each 1 kg contains)
vitamin C
• It is characterized by its high ability to improve immunity by increasing the production of antibodies and increasing the effectiveness of macrophages
• Works to compensate salts, especially in cases of heat stress
• It works for renal wash and thus prevents the formation of stones
• has an important role to protect against gumboro and coccidiosis
• Plays a vital role in maintaining the fluid level in the bird's body and to protect against diarrhea
• It improves the metabolism of iron and folic acid and also works on the formation of the basic collagen of the cell wall
• It works to prevent the oxidation and rancidity of fats and has a major role in the clotting process 
• It reduces the alkalinity of the blood and thus has a great role as a diuretic and improves the urinary system
• It is used to compensate for the deficiency in vitamin C to improve performance in various stress conditions
• Increases the efficiency of the immune system and improves the body's resistance against diseases
• A catalyst for the production of red blood cells and improving the health status of birds and animals
• Reduces mortality rates, especially when temperatures rise to gain weight and eggs
Add at a rate of 1gm/liter of drinking water
1 kg

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