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Composition: ( Powder )
Vitamin C 20 G
Potassium Chloride 100 Gm
Sodium Bicarbonate 100 Gm
Ammonium Chloride 50 Gm
Supplement With Skimmed Milk As Carrier Up To 1 Kg
• A Combination rich in Substances That Increase The efficiency Of Immunization And Increase Its effectiveness
• It works to neutralize the Organic materials and The remnants Of Sterilizers to avoid any effects that affect the Immunization Efficiency Balanced Group Of Salts To Maintain The Acid-Base Balance To Avoid Heat Stress Conditions
• To Improve the resistance of birds against diseases While Increasing The response To vaccinations
• To Increase The fertility and hatchability of hens 
• Increases bird resistance to disease and Immune response to vaccinations
•Stimulates Blood Formation Processes and acts as Anti-Anemia
• It is added to The water before Immunization to Protect the Virus and Maintain Its strength and viability 
• Improved Performance And Increased Efficiency Of Immunizations (vaccine stabilizer)
• Anti Heat Stress
• Immune Stimulator
• Enhanced Fertility And Hatchability
• To avoid Droughts In Hot Weather
• To Improve The Condition Of the Membranes And Thus Increase Absorption and Improve FCR
1 gm / L
250 g

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