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Ko Pan

Composition: (powder) 
Vitamin A IU
Vitamin C
Potassium chloride
Sodium sulfate
Sodium chloride
Sodium citrate
Magnesium sulfate
• A genius combination of electrolytes selected to avoid cases of heat stress
• To improve the resistance of birds against diseases while increasing the response to vaccinations
• A stimulator of hematopoietic processes to prevent anemia (Anemia)
• It is added to water before immunization to protect the virus and to increase the effectiveness of immunization
• Anti- diuretic, renal wash and anti heat stress
•Hematopoietic stimulator "anti-anemia"
• Improved fertilization and hatchability 
• Immunization performance enhancer
• To avoid droughts in hot weather
it is added to the water at the rate of 0.5 g/l drinking water
1 kg

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